Jonga is a tech start up and social enterprise that provides simple, low cost and most importantly community based alert systems for lower to middle income households. It consists of an alarm and app combo that notify you and allow you to panic when being burgled or just allows you to panic when experiencing or witnessing crime whilst in the streets. It then sends a panic notification along with your location to all the Jonga app users within the area. Its purpose is to allow for real crime reporting, making people aware about potential threats in the vicinity and lastly prompting community watch responses.




Arm and Disarm your JONGA Unit


From the application you can read if your unit is armed/

disarmed. You can also activate the unit from the

application. You can also see the status of your unit at any



See other JONGA units that have been tripped.


When another unit has been tripped on your network,

your app will notify you and ask you to check out the




Notify the Police


From the application you can notify the police of the situation.


Send a Panic Alarm


A user can send a Panic alarm and notify all other Jonga

members in the close vicinity of the emergency.




Ntsako Mgiba


Ntsako Mgiba is a 3rd year Mechatronics engineering student at the University of Cape Town who seeks to further his studies by one day pursuing his MBA. He is an ambitious and charismatic young man who is passionate about leadership, social innovation and the potential to affect change in Africa through technological solutions and start-ups. He sees Africa as a continent “pregnant with opportunity” and he plans to take advantage of the opportunities that come his way.

Kabir Prema


Kabir Prema is 2nd year Electro-Mechanical Engineering student who studies at the University of Cape Town. He is an inquisitive young man who has a hunger to learn and heart for South African communities and informal settlements. He handles all the design and creative duties of the team and also mans the marketing operations.

Ntandoyenkosi Shezi


Ntandoyenkosi Shezi is a 3rd year business Science (Finance & Accounting) student at the University of Cape Town who has a passion for entrepreneurship and innovation. Besides handling the company’s Finances, he has a deep interest in exploring and learning about tech innovation and would love to spend the next few years working in the Kenya or Israel learning about the start-up culture and finding ways to grow that culture in South Africa.



Steve Pinto


Steven Pinto is a self-taught serial entrepreneur he is currently the CEO of New Reality, an augmented reality and virtual reality research company He owns and runs Slice Pizza, a pizza joint on Long Street. He also develops games for various international clientele. He is responsible for the design and development of the product.




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